The LIBI Fund, the Fund for the strengthening of the Defense of Israel, marks 30 years of service to the soldiers of the IDF. The acronym of “For the strengthening of the Defense of Israel” is LIBI, which in Hebrew is “My Heart”. We like to think that those who support the LIBI Fund are supporting the soldiers from the bottom of their hearts.

The LIBI Fund was established in 1980 by Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan to realize the vision of David Ben-Gurion to make the IDF an army of the people in service to the nation. The initial program supported by the LIBI Fund was Na’arei Raful (Raful’s boys) after Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan. Led by a highly motivated team they have achieved overwhelming results. This is one of the most important achievements of the LIBI Fund.

The LIBI FUND helps the educational and medical needs of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces…to implement projects not covered by the Army’s regular budget

The Fund’s public committee is headed by a chairperson appointed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense. The chairperson serves on a voluntary basis. He is assisted by a Board of Directors, all volunteers, comprised of distinguished Israeli citizens. The Fund is managed by small team of Israeli army officers assisted by civilian volunteers. All designated donation are applied in full to the relevant projects.

Libi welcomes support for its projects from individuals, schools, synagogues, social committees and youth groups.



The Israel Defense Force is much more than an Army. It is a truly unique institution: a citizen army of reservists from all segments of society: religious, secular, non-Jewish, new immigrants, male and female. The IDF is the major force for cultural integration in a very diverse society. The goal of the Army is to defend the State of Israel, but also to build a better society.

They say in Israel: “The people build the Army; the Army builds the nation.”

The IDF is the only army in the world with an independent Education Corps dedicated to the betterment of its soldiers. The guiding premise of the IDF is that the quality of the army does not rest solely on the quality of its equipment, but rather on the quality of its soldiers.

The security challenges facing Israel are truly daunting. Confronted on three borders by enemies and facing a nuclear threat from Iran. Israel remains critically reliant on the strength of the IDF to provide for its security. In neo 2 software response to its security challenges, Israel’s military spending relative to its GDP is three times higher than the European Union nations and two and half times higher than the USA. Your support for LIBI and the IDF continues to be critically important.

Israel’s soldiers give the best years of their lives to defend the State of Israel. The Libi Fund provides a way for you to support them during their period of military service.