Israeli Teen Pop Star Puts Career On Hold To Serve In IDF

Israeli pop singer Noa Kirel has put her blossoming career on hold to enlist in the IDF.

“I influence many young teenagers and it’s important for me to encourage them to enlist as well,” the 18-year-old, who starts IDF basic training on Feb. 17, told Billboard about complying with mandatory military conscription in Israel. “I’m fortunate to experience many exciting things in my career, but the army connects me to my people. I’m about to go through something powerful, like every other girl my age, and I wasn’t about to give that up.”

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IDF Jets Strike Gaza Targets In Response To Launch Of Incendiary Devices

Israeli jets struck a number of targets in the southern Gaza Strip late Saturday night in response to incendiary devices being launched over the border, the Israel Defense Forces said Saturday.

Recent days have seen several instances of balloon bunches carrying incendiary devices and explosive packages which made their way into Israel, the IDF spokesperson’s office said in a statement.

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IDF Helps Evacuate Children From Record-Breaking Flooding

Normally in Israel rain is a sign of blessing and abundance – a greatly desired thing. But starting last week, stormy weather came to paradoxically plague the Middle Eastern paradise. And it only got worse this week.

Many people were trapped at work and at school. Army personnel and volunteers in rescue vehicles worked throughout the day and well into the evening. Residents stranded all over the city had to be rescued and returned to their homes or other safe places.


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