Your contributions to AFL support the following Educational programs:

Na’arei Raful/Raful’s Boys

Education for soldiers from underprivileged backgrounds, a last chance opportunity; This is one of the most important achievements of the LIBI Fund. 1,200 soldiers from problematic backgrounds each year are given a chance to turn their lives around. Within the framework of their military service, they can complete their high school education and learn a vocation. Thanks to this special program and the highly dedicated staff they leave the Army with a basic education, a trade and with experience and confidence, which will helps prepare them for a brighter future in civilian life.


Originally known as Na’arai Raful (Raful’s boys) after Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan, and led by a highly motivated team has achieved overwhelming results over the past 30 years. Many families can have experienced these life-enhancing benefits, because of the support of the Libi Fund.

Bagrut (University Qualification) for Combat Soldiers:

Combat soldiers from underprivileged families are provided with an opportunity to prepare for the very rigorous university qualification exam known as the Bagrut exam. This program opens the door to higher academic achievement for soldiers lacking financial means and provides an opportunity for self advance

ment and improvement of the entire society. Jointly taught by accredited teachers from the State Education Department and IDF soldiers, this program has achieved amazing results.

Hebrew and History of Israel Studies for New Immigrant Soldiers:


Libi sponsors courses for new immigrant soldiers to help their integration into the Army and the Israeli society;