According to the military, the IDF purchased some 12,000 kg. of various kinds of kosher flour for Passover, 2,400 kg. of matza flour, 13,000 kg. of fish,  50,000 kg. of beef, 45,000 kg. of turkey, and 130,000 kg. of chicken.

Another 65,000 kg. of matzah, 230,000 kosher-for-Passover rolls, and 13,000 charoset units have been purchased, and troops will receive 4,800 food items they chose for the holiday.

The military also purchased about 3,500 kg. of dried fruits, 60,000 mousse cakes and 17,500 kg. of cakes and cookies which will be delivered to bases across the country for dessert.

Troops will be able raise a glass for the holiday with 17,000 liters of grape juice and 21,000 bottles of soda that will be distributed to the bases.

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