This past Tuesday was a historic day for Israel. Israel made official peace and will trade embassies with two Gulf States – Bahrain and The United Arab Emirates. This new formation of diplomatic ties is the first with an Arab state since they made peace with Egypt in 1978. 

Making peace with these countries gives new hope for a peaceful and stable Middle East. For the first time, Israel is now looked at as a respected equal in the region. But most importantly is the security implications. 

Iran could be an easier reach

One of the main drivers of these deals is the fear of the growing Iranian influence in the region. By making peace with Israel, the countries are creating a front against the terror regime. The Arab world is showing how much they care about peace and safety, and are willing to ditch decades-old paradigms to achieve it.

This could also open up air space and more importantly airfields for refueling for the IAF that have not been an option in the past. A long flight from Israel and the need for refueling made any potential preemptive or retaliatory attack from Israel to Iran very difficult. This peace deal could open the doors to more options.

We hope for peace

Peace and stability in the Middle East is always welcome news – and no one stands to gain more than the IDF. The increased cooperation between more and more friendly states means they can more effectively maintain the safety in Israel, and manage the dangers in the region. 

Just last month, Israel flew together with Germany in a joint military drill – something nobody would have dreamt 75 years ago. Perhaps the IDF will soon engage in similar activities with the Gulf States.

Wishing you, the IDF community, and all of Israel a happy sweet new year – full of peace!