LIBI USA strives to support Israeli soldiers by providing for their welfare through funding educational, religious, social and recreational activities not covered in the IDF’s defense budget.

About LIBI

LIBI, the official fund of the IDF, was established in 1980 by then Prime Minister Menachem Begin and IDF Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan to provide for the educational, religious, and recreational needs of Israeli soldiers. “LIBI”, in Hebrew, means “My heart”. Those who support LIBI are supporting Israeli soldiers from the bottom of their hearts.

American Friends of LIBI was established in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts by a small group of volunteers at the height of the Second Intifada. Since its incorporation, the organization has educated, cared for and stood by Israel’s soldiers through donations from caring individuals, groups and supporters. LIBI USA welcomes all support, including from schools, synagogues, social committees and youth groups.

LIBI USA strives to warm the hearts of Israeli soldiers by supporting social welfare programs not covered in the IDF’s defense budget.

LIBI USA is managed by a small team of highly motivated volunteers. Due to this, there is little overhead costs. Therefore, over 95% of donations made through American Friends of LIBI go directly to support Israeli soldiers!

American Friends of LIBI is a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) is much more than an Army. It is truly a unique institution. It is a citizens’ army of reservists from all segments of society: religious, secular, non-Jewish, new immigrants, male and female. The IDF is the major force for cultural integration in a very diverse society. The main goal of the IDF is to defend the State of Israel. However, it also strives to create a better, more caring, humane and socially aware society. This is achieved through various programs soldiers receive throughout their army career. LIBI USA funds these important programs.

In Israel, it is said, “The people build the army; the army builds the nation.”

The IDF is the only army in the world with an independent Education Corps dedicated to the betterment of its soldiers. The guiding premise of the IDF is that the quality of the army does not rest solely on the quality of its equipment, but rather on the quality of its soldiers.

The security challenges facing Israel are truly daunting. Israel is confronted on three borders by enemies, faces a nuclear threat from Iran, and fights daily internal terror from Palestinians. Israel remains critically reliant on the strength of the IDF to provide for its security.

Israel’s military spending relative to its GDP is three times higher than the European Union nations and two and half times higher than the USA. Your support of the IDF through LIBI USA remains critically important.

Israel’s soldiers give the best years of their lives to defend the State of Israel. They count on us to support their efforts.