The Board of Directors of LIBI USA are volunteers from all over the United States. Thus, when you donate to LIBI USA, over 95% of your donation goes directly to benefit Israel’s soldiers.


Shimshon Erenfeld,
Vice Chairman, Brookline, MA

Behind the scenes at LIBI USA are all volunteer board members, and we’d like to introduce you to one of the best. Shimshon Erenfeld, our Vice Chairman, is originally from Israel and served in the IDF, and is now living in the U.S. Shimshon helped found LIBI USA in 1994, and has been working tirelessly to raise funds for LIBI projects ever since. He ensures that funds go directly to help improve the quality of life for the soldiers. Shimshon credits “our strong and direct relationship with IDF units” with allowing LIBI USA to help in the most needed areas of the soldiers’ lives. Former LIBI USA Chairman Paul Lipof described his colleague, “Shimshon was there at the beginning and I believe will be with us as long as he is breathing.” In giving so generously of his time and resources, Shimshon is truly a Guardian of Israel!


Dr. John Grossman
Chairman, Coral Gables, FL

Dr. John Grossman is one busy man! He is a hand and nerve surgeon who runs the Brachial Plexus program at Miami Children’s hospital and is using his medical expertise to develop a similar program at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikvah. Because of his work as Chairman of LIBI USA and Schneider’s Children Hospital, John travels to Israel several times a year, and is actually in the Holy Land right now. “I just returned from spending the afternoon Bakum Military Base, which is where young men and women are inducted into the army” said Dr. Grossman. “Having seen these youngsters enter in their civilian clothes and come out as soldiers was a very dramatic transition and really made a strong impression on me and renewed my commitment to working tirelessly to support the soldiers of the IDF.


David Golden,
San Francisco, CA

Hailing from San Francisco, David Golden has been volunteering for LIBI USA for almost ten years. He loves seeing how LIBI contributions touch soldier’s lives intimately, especially in a program called Na’arai Raful (“Raful’s boys”), which provides a last chance opportunity for underprivileged Israeli youth. “Within the framework of their military service, these soldiers can complete their high school education and learn a vocation, literally turning their lives around,” says David. He adds that “one of the most meaningful and humbling aspects of my involvement with LIBI has been to witness first hand how so many people, from so many different walks of life, join together to support Israel. Each donation contains that donor’s passion for Israel.” Thanks David for all of your efforts.


Karen D. Hurvitz,
Boston, MA

Karen D. Hurvitz runs a law firm in Boston, MA concentrating in criminal defense, mediation, and general trial practice in the state and federal courts. Along with her practice, she teaches trial skills to attorneys and law students. Her commitment to the IDF and LIBI comes from her support of Israel and its soldiers, who pledge to protect not only Israelis but also Jews in danger all over the world.

American Friends of LIBI  representatives

Dr. John A.I. Grossman
Miami, Florida

Shimshon Erenfeld
Boston, Massachusetts

Daniel Alpert
New York City, NY

Mendy Fellig
Coral Gables, Florida

David Golden
San Francisco, California

Karen Hurvitz
Boston, Massachusetts