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Memory, Loss and Rebuilding after Rockets Destroy an IDF Synagogue

May 13, 2019

In addition to the rockets that have fallen in Israel’s southern communities, a Hamas-fired rocket recently hit an IDF zone destroying a military synagogue. Read more.. 

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On Israel’s 71st, We Celebrate One Simple Fact: We Are Here.

On Israel’s 71st birthday, we celebrate one simple fact: we are here.

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HaTikvah: The Song of Hope (Like You’ve Never Heard It Before)

The hope that has accompanied a nation – enjoy this beautiful rendition of Israel’s national anthem – like none you’ve heard before!

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Rockets Ahead of Yom HaZikaron Highlight Significance of IDF and Burden They Carry

May 7, 2019

“As the week of holidays commence in Israel,” Grossman said, “we remember that our freedoms today are inextricably tied with the blood of our ancestors before us, as well as our soldiers who have given their lives to Israel. And finally, we hope that peace will come before the week of holidays next year.” Read … […]

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Older Sister Protects Her Family from Gaza Rockets

Noy lives in Ashkelon, an Israeli city right near Gaza. As an older sister, she felt responsible for the safety of her little brother and sisters. She filmed this footage as she ran with them to bomb shelters more than 4 times in one night.  

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Israel Adds 96 to List of Fallen Soldiers Ahead of Memorial Day

Israel’s Ministry of Defense released the new figure of those who have fallen for the Jewish state since 1860. The total count comes to 23,741 since 1860, according to defense ministry The MoD added 56 names to the list for the last year, and added 40 who have died following disabling injuries, bringing the total number … […]

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Life on Both Sides of the Gaza-Israel Border During Clashes

PERSPECTIVES | Life has been hard on both sides of the Israel-Gaza border, where thousands suffer at the hands of hard clashes between the militaries. How do Palestinians in Gaza feel about it? How do Israelis see the conflict?  

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Why We Fight: IDF Soldiers and Their Survivor Grandparents

April 29, 2019

In the context of Holocaust remembrance, IDF soldiers reflect on why they fight in the Israeli army as they sit alongside their grandparents and great-grandparents who survived the Holocaust.

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Tibi Ram: The Holocaust Survivor Who Fought in Every Israeli War

During the Holocaust Ze’ev Tibi Ram lost his whole family. He survived Auschwitz, a labour camp, and Bergen-Belsen. After being separated from his mother and eventually finding her at the end of the war, she disappeared and Tibi never saw her again. His brother survived until the end of the war, but died shortly after. … […]

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Meet the IDF Soldier with a Nazi Family History

WATCH: The incredible story of an IDF soldier and the truth he learned about his grandparents.

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