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Bake “Hamentashen” With the IDF – A Traditional Purim Holiday Treat

March 14, 2019

A sweet “How-To” video from our soldiers. Learn how to bake “Hamantashen” – the traditional Purim holiday treat. Trust us, these jam or chocolate filled cookies are delicious.

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A Special Purim Dance and Beatbox Performance from the IDF

Purim is a very special occasion that calls for a special celebration. Watch IDF soldiers take center stage in this fun video. Breakdance, beatbox and cool costumes are just some of the surprises awaiting. Happy holiday from the IDF!

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On Purim, We Should Give Thanks to Our Soldiers for Keeping Israel Safe

March 13, 2019

Purim is the joyous festival celebrating God’s miraculous deliverance of the People of Israel from their enemies. The story tells that the Persian Empire’s anti-Semitic ruler, Haman, wanted to annihilate the Jewish people. Esther courageously stepped up and defended her people, foiling Haman’s plans.   Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide if … […]

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Ambassador Friedman Greets Special-Needs IDF Soldiers

March 11, 2019

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, along with Presidential aide Chris Neely, visited the Palmachim Air Force Base this week to observe how the IDF has integrated people with disabilities into the army. Israel is currently the only country in the world in which autistic and disabled soldiers serve in the army.  

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The IDF’S First Female Field Doctor

Captain Gal Vaknin remembers every detail from the interview she had with the commander of the 52nd Battalion of the 401st Armored Brigade. “You have to picture the situation,” recounts Vaknin. “I’ve barely sat down when he starts drilling me: ‘Let’s say war breaks out – what’s your reaction?’ So I respond, ‘What do you … […]

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How Chaos Drives Success, From the IDF to Tesla

“Research has shown that growth companies that structure their environment to constantly encounter waves of disorder, catalysts to change, restructuring, and more disorder, are likely to become industry leaders, given their more efficient, resilient, creative, and in general more effective character. The chaos-loving dynamic is an inseparable component of any elite military unit. It is … […]

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IDF Strikes Gazan Terror Targets in Response to Rockets Fired into Israel

On Saturday night, the IDF struck several targets in Gaza after a rocket was shot at Israel several hours before, triggering sirens in surrounding Israel communities. Read more…

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Enough is Enough: Shocking Terror Incitement and Nightly Riots on Gaza Border

March 6, 2019

  For the past year, Israel has contended with ongoing Palestinian incitement and violence on the Gaza border. Meanwhile, the IDF is working to keep Israelis safe – all while international bodies like the UN have stayed silent. At the border riots, Hamas leaders have stated their clear intent to penetrate Israel’s territory, harm Israeli … […]

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Palestinians Resume Nightly Confrontations on Gaza Border

March 3, 2019

Palestinian Arab rioters on Saturday night resumed their confrontations with IDF forces stationed along the Gaza border with Israel. Read more…

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IDF Strikes Hamas Position Following Balloon Attack

An IDF aircraft attacked a Hamas position in southern Gaza during the night of March 2nd, in response to the sending of balloons carrying an explosive device into Israeli territory earlier, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced. Read more…

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