“The main task of Israel’s Defense Forces is defending the State of Israel, but that is not their only function. The Army must also serve as a center for the pioneering education of Israel’s youth, for those born in Israel as for immigrants.”

David Ben-Gurion,

Founding Father and First Prime Minister of the State of Israel

Israel Defense Force Programs Supported by LIBI USA

Uniform to University

The innovative “Uniform to University“ project provides scholarships for academic studies and vocational training to soldiers who have completed their full military service. Scholarships are presently given to discharged combat soldiers and discharged disadvantaged soldiers. This wide-ranging, revolutionary educational program conveys our appreciation and thanks to IDF soldiers for their service and contribution to the State of Israel.


Cultural and Educational Center – “The Key to Success”

This enriching educational and cultural program for soldiers living at Soldiers’ Homes provides a wide variety of life-skills and ethical-values activities to help IDF soldiers, especially lone soldiers, adjust to post-army life.


Building and Development Projects for the Wellbeing of Soldiers in Army Units

LIBI USA helps fund the construction and equips buildings for the general well being of IDF soldiers, including social clubs, fitness rooms, synagogues, cultural rooms, recreation areas, and the improvement of functionality and appearance of outdoor areas on army bases. These crucial areas provide much-needed rest and relaxation, help keep soldiers fit, and create bonding between soldiers. Soldiers use these areas during off-duty hours and between military and training activities.


Soldiers’ Homes and Hostels

Nine “Soldiers’ Houses” and hostels are supported all over Israel. These houses and hostels provide a home for lone soldiers (soldiers without family in Israel) and soldiers serving at bases far away from their homes. Soldiers receive food, lodging and support from a professional staff and enjoy cultural and educational programs. These homes are also used to accommodate and host army units during their activities.


Apartments for Lone Soldiers – “Bayit Cham”= “Warm House”

There are more than 100 apartments all over Israel where lone soldiers can live on a permanent basis. These apartments are called “Bayit Cham” or “Warm House”. Soldiers living in these apartments are assisted by a professional staff. Home maintenance, food and supplies are provided at no cost.


Airfare for Lone Soldiers – “Home Visit”

Each year, about 1,400 lone soldiers (soldiers with both parents living abroad) fly home to their families. This one-time airfare gift applies to flights worldwide. Through this program, we convey to lone soldiers our deep appreciation for their decision to volunteer to come to Israel and enlist in the IDF.


Passover Holiday Seders for Lone Soldiers

A Passover Seder (festive Biblical meal) is held yearly for lone soldiers of the IDF at the recreation village “On the Sea” in Givat Olga. About 500 lone soldiers participate at the event. There are varied activities including special gifts for the soldiers. Top IDF commanders and high-level staff come to take part with the lone soldiers in this significant and traditional Jewish Passover ceremony.