Purim Basket

LIBI recently embarked on a Purim campaign. Purim, in the Jewish tradition is the holiday which we celebrate communally by sending gift packages to spread the holiday cheer and remember the great miracles that God performed for the people of Israel in the days of Mordechai and Esther. Our goal is to send 1,000 packages and notes to our heroes and heroines in the IDF. Please click here to help us reach our goal and sponsor a soldier’s Purim basket.

A special thank you to all of our LIBI supporters who have already sponsored gift packages and sent in meaningful notes. Below are some of the messages that have been sent and that will be received by soldiers this Purim (March 16).

“As a retired member of the U.S. Air Force, let me say from being on the receiving end as well, you are greatly appreciated for your countless sacrifices beyond what many will ever know. Blessings to you and yours!” ~ Lawrence

“Thank you for all you are doing to defend Israel – and freedom – during these very difficult times. Your sacrifices and your courage are greatly appreciated. I thank HaShem for you and ask him to keep you safe, and to bless you and your family. Happy Purim,” ~ Airey

“Shalom, shalom. May the blessings of God be over you. May He protect you under His Wings. Thank you for being a blessing to your people of Israel and to me for having the opportunity to bless you. Peace to Jerusalem.” ~ Priscilla, Puerto Rico

“God bless you! I pray for you and wish you well. Shalom! Love” ~ Janice and Russell, New York

“Smiles and love from Canada.” ~ Barry

“Thanks for everything you do every day.” ~ Eugene

“Take care and know that you are being lifted up in prayer!! Blessings” ~ Ty and Melissa

“Thanks for being an IDF soldier. I am especially proud of the ladies who serve so willingly. Keep up the good work! Israel is my favorite country.” ~ Maynard

“Thank you for all you do to defend Israel. May you and your fellow soldiers have success in all your important efforts.” ~ Sheldon

Click here to send your own message to an IDF soldier.