IDF Soldiers Wish President Peres a Happy Birthday

These IDF soldiers hit all the right notes with this amazing acapella song to President Shimon Peres! Mazel tov to President Peres on 90 years!

IDF Combat Medic Sings Original Song: “Sunshine”

An American-Israeli combat medic from the Caracal infantry battalion sings an original song, “Sunshine.”

Sgt. Shaul Meyron, a 22-year-old combat medic in the Caracal infantry brigade, “was hit by lightning” two years ago when he discovered he had a penchant for music. Since then, he has been on a musical journey, learning the harmonica, guitar, ukulele, Irish flute, and piano along the way.

Sgt. Meyron’s service in the IDF, he says, is not detrimental to his artistic side. On the contrast, he is “loving” it and finding his muse in the military:

“There is lots of inspiration in the IDF,” says the combat medic. “If I’m having a tough time with a commander, or I’m having a good time with my friends, I write a song. You can see a different world. Simultaneously, if you’re a musician, your music will change as well.”

He continued: “Every experience that I feel, I can write about. But usually it just comes to me, through the good times and the bad.”

Sgt. Meyron joined the IDF after a year of community service on an educational ecological farm. He studied herbal medicine, which led to his desire to  become an IDF medic.

His twin loves of music and medicine have a common goal: “I have many hobbies, including agriculture. I feel that if I have a gift for music, I want to use this and my other hobbies to make the world a better place.”

After the army, Sgt. Meyron hopes to further his dream of being a musician. “I love the stage; I love making people laugh and feel good.” As someone who studied acting for five years, he says, “the minute I’m on the stage, I feel at home, and I feel obligated to entertain.”

Sgt. Meyron has a full plate with his service as a combat medic, but still makes time to advance his passion for music. Next, he says, “I’d like to learn the bagpipes”.


– Courtesy of the IDFBlog: Berry Messenger on Android


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