6th Graders from California Show Appreciation for IDF with Special Fundraising Campaign

Last week, LIBI USA, which supports the LIBI Fund, the IDF’s official humanitarian branch, received a modest yet meaningful donation.

The $150 donation was received from the Hebrew class of Congregation B’nai Tikvah in Walnut Creek, California, through their teacher, Julia Babka-Kurzrock. The note attached to the $150 donation stated, “In honor of the tzedakah [charity] collection of the sixth grade class of 5776 [2015].”

“I always gently persuade my sixth grade class each year to send their tzedakah to Israel,” shared Babka-Kurzrock to Breaking Israel News. “We do various tzedakah projects. But, this time, because of the wave of terror, we felt that it was urgently needed, so we talked about that a lot in class.”

The Congregation B’nai Tikvah class places a lot of emphasis on learning about the State of Israel. Meeting after school on Tuesdays and Sunday mornings, the school strives to incorporate a sense of pride in being Jewish, connecting to Israel, Bible studies, teaching about the Holocaust, and learning Hebrew and the proper blessings on food.

“We were really touched by the thoughtfulness of this class,” noted Dr. John A.I. Grossman, LIBI USA Chairman, to Breaking Israel News. “It reminds us of the importance the IDF holds in the hearts of people of all ages.”

6th-graders-wrap-presents-280x300“With the IDF facing terror on all sides and winter’s arrival, when LIBI USA helps to supply the soldiers with winter-wear for their comfort and protection from the elements, the need for donations is at a premium,” continued Grossman to Breaking Israel News. “Larger donations are our ‘bread and butter’. Yet, modest donations, especially through the efforts of young leaders let us know that the future can be bright.”

Babka-Kurzrock class always has charity boxes available for donations which are distributed at the end of the school year in May. However, realizing that the funds would go immediately to supporting the brave IDF troops, Babka-Kurzrock decided to send the contribution now, before their winter break and while the IDF urgently needs support.

“We will continue collecting donations for the rest of the year,” she explained to Breaking Israel News. “However, we wanted the money to help the army now as it defends Israeli citizens.”

During Hanukkah, Babka-Kurzrock decided to create her own “donor match challenge.” She told her students that she would match their contributions until the last day of class before their winter break.

“Instead of small change, the kids started bringing in more generous contributions,” Babka-Kurzrock shared. “A lot of kids made the commitment and brought in their own money. I am super proud of my students. They really feel compassion and see the need to support Israel at ages 11 and 12!”

Class discussions about Israel and encouragement from the teacher assistants help to bring the children to an understanding of the importance of supporting the Holy Land.

“Speaking positively about the beauty and specialness of Israel as well as sharing stories about how the IDF is the most moral and brave army in the world, create an atmosphere for people to connect and appreciate the Holy Land,” noted Grossman. “Teachers like Babka-Kurzrock are part of a thousands of years history of care and giving to the Jewish people.”

IDF Soldiers Expand Their Combat Duties to US Campuses

IDF soldiers find that they must combat more than their enemies on the field. They must also fight the raging anti-semitism rampant on US college campuses.

To that end, LIBI USA, which supports the LIBI Fund, the IDF’s official humanitarian branch, along with an anonymous sponsor have decided that Hanukkah is the perfect time to increase the light of truth at US universities concerning Israel’s struggle against terrorism and the challenges   Bluestacks For PC Downloadthe IDF faces to keep the Holy Land’s citizens safe.

The supporter will match all donations made during the eight days of Hanukkah up to $8,000. That means that $16,000 can be raised to battle US anti-semitism from December 7 through December 14.

“Studies find that 54 percent of Jewish students on college campuses faced anti-Jewish harassment in 2014. The rise in blatant anti-semitism from the so called ‘educated elite’ must be addressed,” noted Dr. John A.I. Grossman, LIBI USA Chairman, to Breaking Israel News.

Universities have traditionally served as a place for intellectual expansiveness and an enclave for positive social change. However, students are now being exposed to far-left, anti-Israel sentiments to such a degree that often, these views of hate are perpetrated by Jews themselves.

“For years universities have maintained a permissive attitude when it came to anti- Israel rhetoric,” continued Grossman. “These fertile grounds for hatred have lead to skewed and negative attitudes towards Israel, the IDF and through extension, the Jewish people.”

With the release of a new Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report showing that the 2014-2015 were years with continuing increases of anti-Israel activities on US university campuses, LIBI USA feels the urgency to do what it can to stop the tidal-wave of negativity towards Israel and its struggles against terror .

“University student groups are sponsoring programs and initiatives to defame and delegitimize Israel. This is simply anti-semitism in another form,” Grossman explained to Breaking Israel News.  “With the noted success of our past programs where we sent an IDF soldier to speak on US campuses, we have realized the importance of maintaining a pro-Israel voice for students who are especially vulnerable to accepting what they are presented as fact.”

Controversial speeches and activities are often welcomed at universities under the guise of free expression. Just after the murder of 18-year-old American student Ezra Schwartz by Palestinian terrorists in Israel, pro-Palestinian students at the University of Michigan set up an anti-Israel protest.

Students are quoted in the Michigan Daily newspaper as saying that they had been badly shaken by the demonstration. Yet, their student government called for the the barring of a Jewish student serving on the Central Student Government for “firmly” stating to the protesters, “You’re not serious about this, with these signs here. It’s disgusting. Take it down, you’re not serious.” The pro-Palestinian activity notably went unchecked.

Similarly, the University of Central Florida recently released surveillance footage of two suspects distributing anti-Semitic stickers and fliers around the campus. Nazi swastikas along with hate speech were included as well as calls for boycotting Israeli made products.

These are just two of hundreds of examples of anti-Israel bias found on US college campuses. “With continuous reports from Jewish college students that they are feeling increasingly threatened by hostile attitudes coming out of universities, LIBI USA is grateful to have a matching donor for all funds raised during Hanukkah to combat false and detrimental information regarding Israel and our IDF soldiers,” stated Grossman. “The IDF is the most moral army in the world and this message needs to be spread.”