IDF Women Warm-Up on Gaza and Egyptian Border with Warm Winter Wear Provided by LIBI

LIBI womenThe Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) does all it can to take care of its soldiers. However, with winter’s arrival, The LIBI Fund, the only official foundation for the IDF, is going the extra mile to help soldiers feel loved, appreciated and warm.

Recently, through donations given towards winter wear, The LIBI Fund distributed fleece jackets branded with unit logos and neck warmers to over 200 women on the southern Gaza and Egyptian borders. “Women in jeeps, out in the cold, don’t get the same attention that paratroopers do,” explained Brigadier General Yehiel Gozal, CEO of The LIBI Fund. “Therefore, these soldiers became our first priority. We want to show support and send every soldier a warm hug through our winter clothing campaign.” r Lucky Patcher for iPhone
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Though combat soldiers receive winter coats from the IDF, during their downtime, they do not want to wear combat clothing. Yet, soldiers still need to stay warm. “The LIBI Fund went out of its way to provide fleece jackets and neck warmers which are more comfortable and attractive than the standard army wear,” said Gozal.

The immediate goal of The LIBI Fund is to raise enough money to distribute 6,000 fleece jackets and neck warmers to every soldier in the field. “There are thousands of IDF forces stationed on Israel’s borders who are there for extended amounts of time and are freezing,” described Gozal. “They can sometimes fall between the cracks with receiving the extra care and attention that they deserve.”

Gozal expressed that often people donate to special fighting units as they are the most well known. However, there is also a responsibility to take care of the brigades based for losoldiers in snow 2ng intervals, 24/7 on mountains and in the desert on all of Israel’s borders.
The LIBI Fund is striving to present every recruit with a branded fleece jacket and neck warmer from the beginning of their service,” shared Gozal. “In this way, they will be prepared for the cold weather for the full three years of their service right from their start. We have seen the pride and appreciation of the soldiers who have already received this gift from The LIBI Fund.”

Gozal pointed out that The LIBI Fund is the only legal channel for providing gifts to IDF soldiers in active duty. “We aim to do something special for every one of our forces,” he said. “Over 95 percent of donations made through LIBI USA go directly towards supporting our troops.”

The LIBI Fund maintains an infrastructure to assure that every soldier receives what is needed. They coordinate campaigns directly with the IDF and distribute supplies in an organized fashion. This assures that every purchase meets army regulations and every program assists the IDF in their mission to build present day and future Israeli heroes.

With Winter’s Arrival to Israel, IDF Soldiers in Urgent Need of Warm Clothing

Last week, Israel was hit by its first major winter storm. Up to 60 centimeters of snow (about 24 inches) fell on parts of Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights looked like a winter wonderland. However, as temperatures fell to -4°C (25°F), residents scrambled to keep warm and dry. The Gush Etzion region, located south of Jerusalem, also reported frigid weather and snow.

“For most of Israel, snow is an unusual occurrence which brings excitement to its citizens,” noted Dr. John A.I. Grossman, LIBI USA Chairman, to Breaking Israel News. “But, for our IDF soldiers, maintaining security when winter weather arrives brings its own challenges.”

Part of those challenges is assuring that soldiers are kept warm, dry and protected from the elements. LIBI USA is currently raising funds in order to assure that IDF soldiers have the right winter wear.

Soldiers must man their positions and fulfill their missions no matter what Mother Nature delivers. Though IDF soldiers are provided with basic gear, the need for high-quality coats, long johns, warm socks, gloves and hats are in great demand.

Speaking upon anonymity for security reasons, Breaking Israel News interviewed an IDF soldier who is currently serving in the North. He shared that the soldiers guarding the northern borders were so cold last week that the army forbade them to sleep for fear of hypothermia.

“One soldier lost his toe to frostbite,” the soldier noted to Breaking Israel News. “We cannot abort our missions even when we are freezing.”

Following three rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon two weeks ago and nearly 1,000 terrorist attacks in the past three months during Israel’s latest wave of terror, the IDF is on constant high alert. “Our missions involve hiding out it places you can’t image and that I can’t share for security reasons,” explained the soldier. “The need for warm winter clothing, like long johns, is huge! Having the right clothing makes an enormous difference to our fighting capabilities.”

The army provides some soldiers serving in cold areas with a snowsuit called a “Hermoneet”, named after Mt. Hermon. However, many serving in the special forces cannot wear this cumbersome snowsuit as it limits their mobility and capability to shoot their weapons.

The soldier told Breaking Israel News this story. “Last year, during a cold spell, there were soldiers who lacked appropriate clothing. An army doctor was with us and insisted that we all huddle together to keep each other warm until relief arrived.”

Efficient and lightweight winter wear which protects from the cold, snow and rain is crucial. Soldiers carry a lot of equipment. Bulky clothing take up room and limits maneuverability.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these warriors from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” explained Grossman to Breaking Israel News. “We must do our part to help them stay warm and healthy during the winter.”

We Thank the Following Donors From the Bottom of Our Hearts!

LIBI USA and Israel’s dedicated soldiers send heartfelt thanks to the nearly 300 donors who generously gave of their heart and resources in December 2015.

‘LIBI’, in Hebrew, means “my heart”. We THANK the following donors from the bottom of our hearts!
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