Free Shipping with Amazon to an Israeli Soldier

Citizens in Israel are excited.

On November 11, 2019, Amazon announced that orders $49 and above will ship to Israel, for free. That same day, Amazon launched its first official website, all in Hebrew. This development brings one less excuse not to support or send items to Israel.

As Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and online sales surge, American Friends of Libi is excited that soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces will have an easier time getting items that they need. Lone soldiers, who leave their families either abroad or within Israel and other countries, have one less thing to miss. Bring a smile to a soldier and show your love for them this holiday season.

Better yet, when considering ways to support Israel’s heroic soldiers, American Friends of Libi has partnered with Amazon Smile so that your purchase offers donations. This is doubling your impact.

The next time you log into Amazon, we thank you for your support and keeping your thoughts with Israel.

Thanking Our Soldiers

Every day, Israel’s soldiers are on the line, supporting and protecting the land of Israel. This high holiday season, consider showing your love and appreciation to those who put their lives on the line so that life can continue.

In early November of 2019, Yahad – United for Israel’s Soldiers and American Friends of Libi joined efforts to raise $20,000 or the equivalent of 65,000 shekel to establish 85 apartments dedicated to Lone Soldiers. These brave men and women, leave their homes. A place that offers comfort, warmth and support. As they stay awake, day and night, they look to you for hope.

This holiday season, give in an important way in support of Israel’s heroes. Click here to donate today and share our message.

Israel Under Attack

Today (12.11.19), dozens of rockets fired at Israel after IDF assassinates Gaza terror leader.

The Israel Defense Forces ordered schools closed in southern and central Israel, including the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, as terror groups in the Gaza Strip began firing dozens of rockets at cities and towns throughout the country in retaliation for the assassination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad senior commander Baha Abu al-Ata.

“We are prepared for several days of battle with an aerial defense shield, including in the center of the country,” IDF spokesperson Hidai Zilberman told reporters Tuesday morning.

Soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system shot down 20 of those incoming projectiles, the military said.

Support the IDF, on the brink of war. Donations can be processed directly on our website for an American tax donation receipt.

Support 100 New Apartments for Lone Soldiers in Israel

“Bayit Cham”- Apartments for Lone Soldiers

Lone soldiers serving in the IDF are often challenged by not having a decent place to come home to like other local Israeli soldiers. That is, one where they can relax after long training drills, find peace of mind, be with family, their parents, or even a warm meal that reminds them of the comfort and memories from childhood.

“Bayit Cham,” which means in Hebrew, a ‘warm home,’ is a visionary project where “Yahad” – United for Israel’s Soldiers and Libi have merged together to combat this issue.

Currently there is an approximation of 100 apartments all over Israel where lone soldiers live on a permanent basis. The soldiers living in these apartments are assisted by professional staff of the “Bayit Cham” project that helps them with everything they need.

Now “Yahad”- United for Israel’s Soldiers and Libi, both seek to enhance this initiative even further so that each apartment will house only three soldiers (instead of six). This would give every soldier his/her own bedroom and private space.

To that end and beyond, every apartment is fully equipped, furnished and air-conditioned with newer amenities and design carefully in mind. In this unique opportunity to help us raise $20,000, YOU are creating a “Home from Home” and strengthening the Israeli army in a way that forever changes a life experience.

Support soldiers of the IDF through our meaningful project by clicking here. We thank you for your support.

Watch more about the project by clicking the video below:

Bikers Support Israeli Veterans

Ever wonder what organizations do to raise awareness and help the thousands if not more of IDF soldiers who have retired from the line of combat?

For service men and women who are used to being on the go, members of the Zahal Disabled Veteran’s Organization/Beit Haloachem took matters into action. This past October 27 – 31, over 100 cyclists from Canada rode alongside Israel’s veterans on five routes through northern Israel.

The views of beautiful areas around Israel were a remedy to the inner soul. More than 150 Israeli veterans participated in what was a memory of a lifetime.

As Veteran’s Day approaches and will be commemorate in the United States on Monday, November 11th, take this unique opportunity to support IDF soldiers and give thanks to servicemen and women throughout the world. Consider ways in which you can make a difference and give back to those who afford you your freedom.

Click here to read more

Support a Soldier on Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day, most celebrated and recognized in the United States on this coming Monday, November 11th, is a day full of unity and reflection. Many also understand and have come to learn that it is a day where all veterans of wars are commemorated.

Consider for a moment, the dedication of these brave warriors who have afforded the existence of the State of Israel, and the partnership that we have with the United States, whom without we would not have shared technology. Think about other countries, where men and women put themselves on the line. Veteran’s Day is not to be taken lightly. In Israel we have Yom Hazikaron to never forget those who have come before us.

Consider making a kind gesture by supporting a soldier. Donate to American Friends of Libi and share our mission with your friends. Show your love and care to soldiers who allow life, safety on earth, to continue and keep your best interests at heart. Open up your home, share in their successes and let them know you care!

AmazonSmile Helps Support LIBI Fund

With the Jewish and Christian winter holidays quickly approaching, many people are turning to the internet to purchase their gifts. One of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, Amazon, is teaming up with a host of charities to allow shoppers to donate a portion of their purchase to a worthy charity of their choice.

With its free service, AmazonSmile provides any shopper the option to support their favorite charitable organization every time they shop. To register, shoppers must log into the AmazonSmile site and select one of thousands of charities to support, including over 2,000 Israeli and Jewish organizations.

One of the charities, the LIBI USA, directly supports the humanitarian branch of the IDF, known as the LIBI Fund. Via the AmazonSmile service, anyone buying on Amazon can support the IDF with just one click.

While not all products are eligible for AmazonSmile, tens of millions of products across the website are. These products will be marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. In addition, interested parties can also share their favorite organization with friends on social media to earn even more money for the organization.

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5 percent of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to your chosen charity.

“This great initiative by Amazon is an amazing way to help IDF soldiers who are in need this holiday season,” Dr. John A.I. Grossman, LIBI USA Chairman, told Breaking Israel News. “Many people don’t know that there is a large number of IDF soldiers who don’t get enough to eat when they are off-base, who struggle to support their families, who came alone to this country and need help. Amazon is providing a way for people who are buying holiday gifts for family and friends to give back to the soldiers quickly and easily. After all, it’s the season for generosity and the holiday spirit!”

The LIBI Fund is the IDF’s humanitarian organization tasked with helping raise funds in the US for the Israeli army. The organization’s primary objective is to provide educational, medical and other social services to new immigrant soldiers and underprivileged service members and their families as they fulfill their commitment to the IDF.

By providing for the soldiers of the Jewish state, the LIBI Fund is helping the army maintain security while providing for the wellbeing of those who serve to protect Israel and its people.