Tibi Ram: The Holocaust Survivor Who Fought in Every Israeli War

During the Holocaust Ze’ev Tibi Ram lost his whole family. He survived Auschwitz, a labour camp, and Bergen-Belsen. After being separated from his mother and eventually finding her at the end of the war, she disappeared and Tibi never saw her again. His brother survived until the end of the war, but died shortly after. Now, Tibi gives lectures to soldiers about the holocaust and his extensive military experience. He is also the proud grandfather of an IDF soldier.

Female Muslim IDF Soldier Braves Threats to Serve in Infantry Battalion

Cpl. N. prays five times a day and wears a hijab when she is on leave from the Lions of the Jordan Valley infantry battalion • She has been threatened by villagers and by Arab soldiers, but she still dreams of a military career and stronger for Arabs and Jews in Israel.

When Cpl. N., who serves in the mixed-gender IDF infantry battalion Lions of the Jordan Valley, heads out on arrest operations in nearby Palestinian villages, she usually talks to the locals in Arabic.

N. is a 19-year-old pepper pot. She’s opinionated and knows what she wants to achieve. She is an observant Muslim who prays five times a day and during the Ramadan fast mostly takes night shifts. She is a combat infantry soldier in the Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion, which executes operations in Judea and Samaria and nearly every day clashes with the Palestinians in the area.

“I don’t stop to think that these people are Arabs like me,” she says in fluent Hebrew.

“I always tell myself that they brought this situation – in which they are facing Israeli soldiers – on themselves, and I perform my mission as I need to. It doesn’t matter when I come from and who I pray to every day, or what I wear when I go home on leave. When I’m on a mission, I need to fulfill it in order to protect my friends, my country. That’s why I enlisted,” she says.

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Lone Soldiers Celebrate Passover on Base With Their ‘Families’

Both lone soldiers took part in Seders and the traditional customs while on base. The soldiers said their unit has become their family.

“The soldiers I serve with are my family, and I’m sure it will be a meaningful Passover with the IDF.”

These were the words of Harel Mizrahi, a lone soldier from Seattle, Washington, who is serving in the Nahal Infantry Brigade and remained in service over the first part of the holiday. This is his first Jewish holiday on base away from his family since drafting into the army.

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Help Lone Soldiers Celebrate Passover with American Friends of LIBI

Passover is almost here! This year, Passover will be celebrated from Friday evening until the next Friday evening, April 19-26. On the first night of Passover in Israel (and the first two nights outside of Israel) Jews around the world will host Passover Seders, recounting the tale of the Jewish journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land of Israel. Participate in the Passover tradition and support the IDF by sending soldiers food packages and sponsoring a Seder today!

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IDF Prepares for Passover – Here’s What They Buy

According to the military, the IDF purchased some 12,000 kg. of various kinds of kosher flour for Passover, 2,400 kg. of matza flour, 13,000 kg. of fish,  50,000 kg. of beef, 45,000 kg. of turkey, and 130,000 kg. of chicken.

Another 65,000 kg. of matzah, 230,000 kosher-for-Passover rolls, and 13,000 charoset units have been purchased, and troops will receive 4,800 food items they chose for the holiday.

The military also purchased about 3,500 kg. of dried fruits, 60,000 mousse cakes and 17,500 kg. of cakes and cookies which will be delivered to bases across the country for dessert.

Troops will be able raise a glass for the holiday with 17,000 liters of grape juice and 21,000 bottles of soda that will be distributed to the bases.

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Founder of “Aliyah Day” Explains Why We Celebrate Immigrants to Israel

Jay Schultz, founder of Tel Aviv Internationals, headed the initiative to establish “Yom HaAliyah” (Aliyah Day) to celebrate all of the immigrants to Israel who have built, and continue to build, the Jewish State. Of course, this includes many young immigrants who choose to serve in the IDF as lone soldiers.