The IDF shot down a Hezbollah drone that invaded Israel’s airspace from Lebanon. The drone was tracked by Israeli troops throughout the invasion. The IDF vowed to continue operating against all attempts by foreign terrorists to violate Israel’s aerial sovereignty.

Two IDF helicopter pilots died this week in a helicopter crash off the coast of Haifa. Among the dead was Lieutenant Colonel Erez Sachyani, Deputy Commander of the Ramat David Airbase. He was 38-years old and a married father of three. The second victim was Major Chen Fogel, a helicopter pilot who was 27 years old. May their memory be a blessing.

Hamas fired rockets inside Israel this week. In response, the IDF hit Hamas sites inside Gaza, including a rocket manufacturing site and military posts utilised for terrorist activity.

Finally, an Arab terrorist armed with a knife exited a vehicle and charged toward a bus stop where both civilians and IDF troops were waiting in Judea and Samaria. IDF forces at the scene neutralized the attacker.

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