The Chief of Staff Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi, visited the Bashan region, the epicenter of a recent flare up between Israel and Syria, on Sunday and is assessing the situation with commander of the Northern Forces: Major General Amir Baram, commander of the Bashan: Brigadier General Roman Goffman, as well as other high ranking officials. The chief of staff toured the sector and talked with the commanders and fighters about the readiness of the forces on the Syrian front for the various scenarios they may face in the wake of last weeks’ operations.
“I came here to discuss the security situation with an emphasis on the Iranian establishment in Syria, and to thank everyone who was involved in the precise and successful operation of exposing the cargo scene a few days ago near the border. Furthermore, I would like to give mention to those who carried out the subsequent attacks in Syria against Iranian and Syrian targets,” said Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, “Our message is clear: we will continue to act as vigorously as ever against the Iranian establishment in Syria; we will continue to maintain full readiness against any manifestation of aggression against us.”