After a deadly series of explosions in Equatorial Guinea, Israel Defense Forces landed on the ground in Africa to save as many lives as possible.
Over 60 active and reserve soldiers from the IDF Medical Corps and Home Front Command were sent to the city of Bata last week as part of an Israeli humanitarian aid delegation. Last night alone, the delegation treated 100 people and performed 11 surgeries.

The Medical Corps, which for the first time since 1999 accepted responsibility for such a delegation, made extensive preparations that included the establishment of two treatment teams, including professionals from all relevant fields as well as ancillary medical equipment. The delegation will focus on providing life-saving medical care in hospitals in the city, led by skilled medical staff and injury treatment specialists.

Israel’s delegation is headed by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Col. Dr. Noam Fink, and has about 60 members, most of them doctors and nurses from the medical corps and the various hospitals in the country, who have been assigned by the Ministry of Health and MDA paramedics.

The deputy commander of the delegation is the commander of the Home Front Command’s rescue and training brigade, Col. Shlomi Ben Mocha.

The IDF, Israel’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to assist on behalf of the State of Israel in any disaster in the future in which they may be needed and will contribute its experience and capabilities around the world now and always.