The Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi, was vaccinated today (Sunday) in the first of two vaccines required against the corona virus. He is the first to be vaccinated in the IDF. This is the opening shot for the vaccination campaign that will take place, led by the Medical Corps, starting next week.

“In the last year, the IDF has been doing everything in its power to maintain operational competence and functional continuity that will enable it to carry out its missions while maintaining the health of IDF servicemen,” said Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, “which promotes the return to routine in the State of Israel and the IDF. I call on all IDF commanders and soldiers to get vaccinated and set a personal example in this important matter as well.”

courtesy of IDF

As part of the operation, the Technology and Logistics Division will be entrusted with the operation of 17 spatial complexes nationwide that will be opened gradually and in accordance with the progress of the operation.

As of today, the Unified Supply Center will begin work on organizing and packaging medical equipment to be delivered to the spatial complexes.

courtesy of IDF

Each compound will be attended by a team of medics who will be in charge of giving the vaccine, a qualified nurse who will oversee the process, a medical team who will provide first aid if necessary and administrative staff who will be responsible for organizing the compound and admitting the soldiers who come to be vaccinated.

About three weeks after receiving the first dose, the vaccinated person will receive a summons to the mobile device to see if receiving another dose is required. About a week after receiving the second dose the patient will be vaccinated!