The Arcadia of Hollywood Ageing Disability and Home Care center of Los Angeles, California, recently showed its support of Israel in a big way.

The elderly patients initiated a campaign to raise money in support of Israel’s defenders amongst those who attend and staff the day care program.

All donations were sent to the LIBI Fund, the official fundraising division of the IDF.

According to a letter sent to LIBI, the participants of the campaign wanted to help the IDF in some way after Operation Protective Edge. The letter declared support for Israel during “this difficult time.”

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The fundraising was initiated by a 97-year-old participant “with the hope that the money will be of some assistance and contribute to Israel’s deliverance,” said the letter.

The sentiment offered by this small community, bound together by a mutual meeting place, was not lost on LIBI representatives, who expressed heartfelt gratitude for such a special donation.

“We receive donations from all over the world, and each one is special. But when we receive one with a letter like this, that shows us just how much people genuinely care and want to help. It touches our hearts in the sweetest way. It is a great feeling to start off the new year with a donation like this,” a LIBI spokesman told Breaking Israel News.