Gaza-based terror group Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel over the last 24 hours, targeting innocent civilians in several major south-central cities and even firing at Jerusalem. Air raid sirens blared throughout the city yesterday for the first time since 2014!
The IDF is swiftly retaliating with “Operation Guardians On The Wall”. Among the targets attacked: an offensive terrorist tunnel, two rocket launchers, two military positions and eight Hamas terrorist operatives in the Gaza Strip.

“We see the combined firing on Jerusalem, the envelope and the anti-tank fire, as serious events – that will not pass in silence,” said IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman. “This is a clear attempt by Hamas to stir up the winds in both Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip,” he added. “We continue to reinforce with additional forces, hold a continuous dialogue with the heads of the authorities and see this as an important tier in our capabilities in the days ahead,” said Zilberman.