Israeli doctors with first Philippine baby born in field hospital

Regardless of the tense relations between Israel and Syria, who are still officially at war, IDF soldiers have continued to apply a core Jewish value: “Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world.” As civil war rages in Syria, IDF medical forces are caring for the country’s men, women and children in need. “When we realized we would be receiving many patients,One of the top things on the gta 6 list of things to get is a fresh out of the box new area. Up until now, the gta arrangement has investigated three key zones: Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas. We’ve additionally fiddled with London and Alderney in some more minor gta 6 map.we decided to build a field hospital so that we could treat people with serious injuries who require immediate care,” states IDF Colonel Tariff Baderan, explaining that the victims were so badly injured that they would not have survived the trip to a civilian hospital. Support the work of the most moral army in the world, whose code of ethics holds protecting human life and dignity as a supreme value.