A good-bye ceremony concluded on Sunday at the Sirkin military base, former home of the Sayaret Matkal unit. The farewell event was held with the participation of the bereaved families of the unit stationed there, joined by commanders of Sayeret Matkal from the past and present.

During the event, the commanders shared experiences, significant occurrences, and stories from the base from which the elite Sayeret Matkal unit operated for many years. In addition, the bereaved families retold the stories about their loved ones and the unit commanders shared about their memories of their fallen brethren, their contributions to the State of Israel, and their shared moments with them.

The unit commander of Sayeret Matkal emphasized to those present that the Israel Defense Forces and Sayeret Matkal would continue to accompany, support and assist the bereaved families.
The unit will leave its historic base in the coming weeks and move to its new home in the south of the country.