College Students Raise Money for IDF with “Flash Tats 4 Israel”

by Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

A number of college students in the US came together to raise money for the Israeli Defense Forces. The students created a new fundraising initiative to support the LIBI Fund, the official fundraising division of the IDF.

They created “Flash-tats For Israel”, a drive selling temporary tattoos with an Israeli twist and donated the proceeds to LIBI.

“Over the past couple of weeks we were able to raise a significant amount of money that we are so proud to be sending to the LIBI Fund. The difference we will make in the medical campaign is what drives us to volunteer our time for this cause,” the students wrote on the group’s Facebook page. “We thank each and everyone one of you for your continued support and donations, together we’re doing little bits of good.”

To encourage others, the group even posted an inspirational MEME that states:

The newly formed non-profit is run by Hila Refael and Michelle Wigder, who go by the name The Flashtat4Israel Team. Refael and Wigder garnered their inspiration while on a recent Taglit-Birthright trip to Israel this past summer during Operation Protective Edge.

While visiting the Mt. Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, the two friends became inspired by the graves of the recently fallen IDF soldiers. They both decided then and there that they wanted to do something to help out the defenders of the Jewish state.

“It is so easy to feel helpless when you are thousands of miles away. In an effort to keep the connection that we felt at Mt. Herzl strong, we started our nonprofit, Flashtat4israel, to fundraise for an IDF charity organization,” Refael and Wigder told Breaking Israel News.

As for the reason as to why this particular fundraising medium of flashy temporary ink, the duo explained, “Temporary flash tattoos are a recent trend we have been obsessing over. They are metallic tattoos that replace the need to wear jewelry, which is especially helpful on hikes up Masada or at the Golan Heights.”

Following through with their inspiration, the two artists began creating flash tattoos inspired by Israel that are also in line with popular jewellery trends, including a Chai pendant, a Hamsa, stars and bands that imitate real jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and traditional jewellery worn in religious occasions or weddings.

The designs give off an authentic Middle Eastern vibe and from a distance can often be mistaken for the real thing. The great thing about temporary tattoos is that they appeal to everyone.

As to why they picked the LIBI Fund as the recipient of their good deeds, Refael and Wigder expressed their awe at the extensive support the LIBI Fund gives to the soldiers of the IDF.

“After speaking to the Israeli soldiers on our (birthright) trip, who we are pleased to call our new friends, we decided to donate all profits to the LIBI Fund and are so excited to be working with the American Friends of LIBI.”

“The LIBI Fund is the only official fund of the IDF and implements projects not covered by the army’s regular budget. The organization’s medical campaign touched our hearts and so we are sending the profits directly to aid our brothers and sisters,” they said.