Veteran’s Day, most celebrated and recognized in the United States on this coming Monday, November 11th, is a day full of unity and reflection. Many also understand and have come to learn that it is a day where all veterans of wars are commemorated.

Consider for a moment, the dedication of these brave warriors who have afforded the existence of the State of Israel, and the partnership that we have with the United States, whom without we would not have shared technology. Think about other countries, where men and women put themselves on the line. Veteran’s Day is not to be taken lightly. In Israel we have Yom Hazikaron to never forget those who have come before us.

Consider making a kind gesture by supporting a soldier. Donate to American Friends of Libi and share our mission with your friends. Show your love and care to soldiers who allow life, safety on earth, to continue and keep your best interests at heart. Open up your home, share in their successes and let them know you care!