General Robert Magnus, a retired United States Marine Corps General, and his wife Meredith, recently donated Krav Maga training equipment to the IDF Givati Infantry Brigade & Southern Command through LIBI USA. Krav Maga is a self-defense method developed by the IDF and is used to train combat soldiers.

In an interview, Meredith explains how her and her husband’s love for the IDF led them to be involved with LIBI USA.

Q: What ties do you have to Israel?

A: My husband and I have several bonds to Israel, her soldiers and security services personnel. We are Jewish and have many wonderful friends in Israel, including those who were at its founding in the War of Independence.

Those include two members of the Air Service, one who flew the reconnaissance mission that reported the Arab Legion’s attack on Independence day. The other led the air strike against the Egyptian brigade and saved Tel Aviv. We are also friends with a woman who was a courier of secret communications from Europe to Ben Gurion, a journalist from the Jerusalem Post, a seaman who crewed ships carrying Jews that ran the British blockade, and a woman who was a sniper in the battle for Jerusalem.


Q: What role has the military played in your life?

A: I am the daughter of a World War II US Marine. My husband is a retired US Marine with 39 years of service.

Q: Why did you chose to partner with LIBI USA to donate to the IDF?

A: Our military bonds extend to many friends who are currently serving in the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, the Shin Bet and Mossad. Moreover, we love the people of Israel. Our friends include diplomats, politicians, scientists who do medical research or protect the environment, humanitarians who help the severely disabled, entrepreneurs who started companies that pioneered in technology, experts who have been working with the Israeli government for decades to further security and peace, and others who provide the arms, systems and support for the IDF and Israel’s foreign allies and friends.

Q: Did Operation Protective Edge play a role in your specific contribution towards Krav Maga training?

A: During Operation Protective Edge, we wanted to do more than contribute financially. When we heard that we could help provide Krav Maga equipment to help soldiers in their training for dangerous missions in defending Israel, we knew that was a calling to help save lives. It was the right thing for us to do, not something special. It was our gift to the soldiers of Israel.


John Grossman, chairman of LIBI USA, expressed his thanks to the Magnus’s on behalf of the IDF for their continuing support and generous life saving donation. “By supporting Krav Maga training of Israel’s defenders, the Magnus’s are helping to save the lives of future soldiers,” he said. “LIBI USA is very grateful to the Magnus’s and all those who support the IDF.”